Mirnaa Menon Looks Stunning in a Red Saree

Mirnaa Menon‘s talent spans across film industries, she has showcased her skills in films like Big Brother (2020), Crazy Fellow (2022), Ugram (2023) and Jailer (2023).

Mirnaa Menon, a versatile actress in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films, known for her work, started her film journey with the 2016 Tamil film Pattathaari under the name Adhithi Menon.

Mirnaa’s Instagram pictures often attract attention, her recent red saree pictures have been described as adorable in which she is seen in a simple red saree accessorized with beautiful earrings, open hair, and a half-sleeve blouse.

Before starting her acting career, Mirna worked as a software developer in Dubai. However, his passion for acting brought him back to Kerala, where he initially entered television under his original name.

His journey faced a challenging phase while making the Tamil film Nedunalavadai, where he adopted the screen name Athira Santhosh. Unfortunately, she complained of harassment and torture by the director, which led her to attempt suicide. Later she changed her name to Aditi Menon and got success with the film Pattathaari.

Mirnaa Menon has recently appeared in Jailer (2023) and Na Sami Ranga (2024) along with some upcoming projects.

Many people who watched superstar Rajinikanth’s blockbuster film ‘Jailer’ were extremely impressed by the film. Apart from all the hero upgrades, Rajinikanth’s screen presence, Anirudh’s thumping music, and special cameos, many wondered who was the girl who played Thalaiva’s daughter-in-law in the film, i.e. Mirnaa Menon.

Mirnaa got a lot of fame from ‘Jailer’ and people started following her more on Instagram. She was recently seen in an adorable red saree. She was looking very beautiful in this and you would not be able to take your eyes off her.

Source: Instagram, Twitter

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