Who is the Dancing Waterfall Woman of Norway’s Flåm Railway?

The “Dancing Waterfall Woman” along Norway’s Flåm Railway refers to the captivating sight of waterfalls appearing to dance beside the train route.

Enjoy the enchanting spontaneous moments of the Norway in a Nutshell adventure leading to the most incredible of them all – the Flåm Railway ride. This railway course forms a part of the Bergen railway line that links Oslo and Bergen cities. While it winds its way through the picturesque Flåms dalen valley, it offers travelers the most stunning views – dashing waterfalls, wooden farmsteads picturesquely draped over rivers and covered by deep forest beyond and jagged peaks.

Flåms dalen valley

At the rate of more than 2km/h descend 866 meters, just in about two hours , from Myrdal station until pretty town of Flåm that entire section provides lots of chances for shooting the best images. Many tourism experts refer the Flåm Railway as one of the top 10 train journeys of Europe due to its beauty and steepness, National Geographic Traveler magazines. The most outstanding feature of the Flåm Railway is the attractions it offers from the unique mountains, such vistas and its personal touch.

Norway's Flåm Railway

One of the most features of the journey is the waterfall stop called Kjosfossen, where the tourists can go off the train and be amazed by the mesmerizing performance of the girl from the tales, named Huldra, who is a forest spirit according to Norse mythology. Although the fairy component of the Huldra seems to bring in a certain sense of spellbinding, the Huldra nevertheless, is portrayed by the dancers of the Norwegian Ballet School therefore creating a special ambiance and experience for all.

Dancing Waterfall Woman of Norway's Flåm Railway

The rain jacket and camera cover will be of great help while viewing the Kjosfossen waterfall since the waterfall’s mist causes water damage. So, avoid coming to the waterfall viewing platform without any rain jacket and protect your camera from water damage caused by the waterfall’s mist.

Also, Norway in a Nutshell trip comprises a picturesque two-hour ferry ride through Kjeusaarksund, Europe’s most narrow fjord nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Site, which gives the tourists a magnificent insight into the awe-inspiring fjords of Norway.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the dancing lady in Norway?

In the mystical realm of the North, there dwelled the enchanting Huldra, a forest spirit renowned for her ability to ensnare men’s hearts, leading them willingly into the depths of the woods with love-struck fervor. Amidst this folklore, the Flamm Railway stands tall as a premier tourist destination, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace and savor a unique escape from urban living.

2. What is the famous waterfall on the Flåm Railway?

Kjosfossen, nestled alongside the Flåm Railway, ranks among Norway’s top tourist attractions. Its breathtaking cascade and thunderous roar make it a must-see destination. Situated in Aurland municipality within Sogn og Fjordane county, Kjosfossen holds legendary status in Norway.

3. What does the name Kjosfossen mean?

The name “Kjosfossen” originates from the Norwegian words “kjose” and “fossen”, translating to “chosen waterfall”.

4. What is the story of the dancing lady?

“The Dancing Shadow”, a famous Serbian myth, enthralls with its mysterious and eerie tale. It traces back to a woman’s forbidden love for a man from another village, challenged by familial resistance rooted in tradition.

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