Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Durva Mocks Savi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th March 2024 Written Episode Update: GHKKPM Written Episode Update on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th March 2024 Episode Story

The episode commences with Surekha performing Aarti to the deity, followed by seeking blessings from Yashwant on their wedding anniversary. She requests the Gajra he usually brings every year, but Yashwant ignores her, rushing off to a meeting instead. Surekha is taken aback by his unusual anger. Observing the situation, Savi resolves to mend the discord between Surekha and Yashwant by discussing it with Ishaan.

In the college, Savi approached Ishaan in his cabin, expressing a desire to discuss something personal regarding Yashwant and Surekha. Ishaan declined, not wanting to engage in conversation. Shortly after, Reeva entered the cabin and, noticing Savi, offered to come back later. Ishaan welcomed her to stay, and Savi proceeded to hand Reeva a pair of bangles, insisting they belonged to her. Reeva, aware that Surekha had given her the bangles, asserted they were rightfully hers. Despite Savi’s insistence, she left. Ishaan then inquired about Reeva’s reason for visiting, and she informed him that it was Surekha and Yashwant’s anniversary. Reeva remarked on Ishaan’s forgetfulness about the occasion and suggested that both he and Savi could handle the planning. Ishaan agreed, stating they would collaborate on the arrangements.

Yashwant and Nishikanth enter the darkened house, puzzled by the lack of lights. Surekha, equally perplexed, claims ignorance. As they flick on a light, they’re greeted by a framed photo of their engagement, marking their 35th wedding anniversary. The Bhosle family emerges, surprising them with warm wishes and a party. Surekha expresses gratitude as the family seeks permission to celebrate. Yashwant presents Surekha with a gajra, extending his anniversary wishes and granting approval for the festivities.

Savi advises the Bhosle family to perform Ganesh Stapana, but Durva mocks her for it. Surekha tells Savi to stay quiet and implies that if she had followed the tradition of Ganesh Stapana in Ishaan’s marriage, things might have been different for her. Ishaan offers to get Pandya Mukho Ganesh, but they struggle to find it. Reeva goes in search of Pancha Mukhi Ganesh, while Savi wonders where she can find it.

The next day, Reeva informed Swati and Swanand that she would be running late as she was organizing Yashwant and Surekha’s anniversary. Swati suggested one of her friends to Reeva as an event planner. Grateful, Reeva thanked Swati and departed.

Swanand questioned Swati’s support for Reeva. Swati explained that she simply wanted her daughter to be happy. She confided in Swanand that Savi would step out of Ishaan’s life once Harini recovered.

Later, Savi entered Ishaan’s room and found him in a towel. Embarrassed, she turned away and informed Ishaan that she couldn’t attend college that day due to personal reasons. Ishaan understood and agreed.


Surekha attends to Savi’s legs upon her return home, while Ashmita mentions Reeva’s absence during the Pancha Mukhi Ganesh Stapana ceremony with the Bhosle family members.

Story Summary

Surekha feels neglected on her anniversary as Yashwant rushes off to a meeting. Savi tries to reconcile them with Ishaan’s help. Reeva refuses Savi’s gift, causing tension. The family surprises Surekha with a celebration, but Durva mocks Savi’s suggestion of a tradition. Reeva offers to organize the event, supported by Swati, despite Swanand’s doubts. Savi encounters Ishaan half-dressed, and they share a moment. Surekha tends to Savi’s injury, while Reeva’s absence is noted during the ceremony.

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